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Career Coaching

Too often, motivated and capable professionals suffer through stagnant lives and careers because they're unsure how to move forward. At Good Seed Group, we help our clients develop a strategy for career growth that leverages spiritual principles to accomplish professional goals.

GSG Offerings

Professional Brand Development

Brainstorming and Feedback Sessions

Promotion or Career Shift Preparation

ERG Leader Career Balance

How Does It Work

Don't spend another day wishing your career would take off. It's time to invest in career coaching that will honor your values and help you create a meaningful career.

Step 1

Book a Career Strategy Session with GSG's Talent Strategist.

Step 2

Create an authentic professional brand based on your values, strengths and spiritual beliefs.

Step 3

Create and execute your career action plan over the next 90 days to increase your results, influence, and career opportunities.

  • Let's see if GSG is right for you. Schedule a FREE consultation.

    15 min

  • Leverage the tenets of your faith to accelerate your career.

    45 min

    129 US dollars
  • Your annual subscription to unlimited coaching sessions

    1 hr

    Plan Holders Only

Working Faith Podcast

WF Podcast with Jalyn Isley.png

New Episode Every Week

Good Seed Group presents Working Faith, a spiritually-inclusive podcast that helps you achieve career success through the power of your beliefs.  Hear real-world scenarios and insights from industry leaders who anchor to the tenets of their faith while they lead, innovate and excel at work. 

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