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ERG Coaching

Are you looking to launch or optimized an Employee Resource Group (ERG or BRG), but need more direction? At Good Seed Group, we come alongside hardworking leaders and give them the tools they need to accelerate their careers while leaving an invaluable mark on the company, culture, customer and community.

GSG Offerings

Group Formation

Operations Improvement

Growth Strategies

Executive Sponsorships

How Does It Work

Your voice and perspective matter in your company and in the world. Good Seed Group can help your ERG/BRG make the impact you've been working toward.

Step 1

Book a Career Strategy Session with GSG's Talent Strategist.

Step 2

Determine a strategy based on the stage of your group: Launch, Growth, Influencer.

Step 3

Operationalize your strategic plan by establishing governance, alignment, development and culture change goals. 

  • Let's see if GSG is right for you. Schedule a FREE consultation.

    15 min

  • Elevate Your ERG/BRG with tools and resources that get results.

    45 min

    129 US dollars
  • Your annual subscription to unlimited coaching sessions

    1 hr

    Plan Holders Only

Working Faith Podcast

WF Podcast with Jalyn Isley.png

New Episode Every Week

Good Seed Group presents Working Faith, a spiritually-inclusive podcast that helps you achieve career success through the power of your beliefs.  Hear real-world scenarios and insights from industry leaders who anchor to the tenets of their faith while they lead, innovate and excel at work. 

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